Ken Rau

Kenneth Rau is the Managing Partner of the Winchester Services Group. He is an internationally recognized authority on IT strategic planning, marketing, governance, enterprise architecture, and performance measurement. He has conducted research, written, spoken, consulted, and practiced in these areas for more than 30 years, helping businesses increase the business value of IT. His current areas of focus are IT performance measurement, governance, enterprise architecture, application portfolio management, and IT marketing.
Mr. Rau has developed new technology product and service offerings in these areas for KPMG; Deloitte & Touche; and Nolan, Norton & Co. Most recently, he was responsible for developing the CIO Dashboard service offering and methodology, which combine such techniques as the balanced scorecard, IT modeling, performance management, and activity-based costing for IT.
Mr. Rau coauthored, with David Norton, MIS Performance Management: A Guide to Design and Installation and is the author of Human Resource Performance Management in IT: A Guide to Productivity Improvement. He is a frequent speaker at industry events in the US, Europe, and the Far East. He has been affiliated with the Technology Transfer Institute since 2004 where he has lectured and taught on the subjects of Performance Management, the CIO Dashboard, Project Prioritization, Application Portfolio Management and IT Marketing. He received his MBA from Harvard University and currently resides in North Carolina, USA.