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Who we are

We are an Italian company active, since 1986, in advanced education of IT professionals.

"I know I am not alone in regarding Technology Transfer as one of the highest quality seminar companies in the business. The people are warm and friendly and very professional, and it is a delight to work with them."
Chris Date

Our Philosophy

Technology Transfer is an Italian company created in 1986 that operates in the field of advanced training of ICT professionals.

The motto of the company has been and remains “Invest in Know-how” and with its training proposals it has contributed to the IT cultural growth of the Italian and European computer community.

We believed from the very beginning that, if we wanted to become an international point of reference in spreading IT know-how, we had to reach some fundamental goals:

  • cooperation with world-class experts
  • the correct identification of strategic issues
  • total independence from vendors

Focus on Strategic Issues​

In the last 33 years we have always tried to identify and investigate strategic issues for IT.

We were the first in Italy and in Europe to:

  • deal with the problem of relational databases as production tools in 1986 with Dr. Codd and Chris Date
  • address Object-Oriented issues with James Odell in 1990 and then with Ed Yourdon, Ivar Jacobson and Martin Fowler
  • talk about Data Warehouse with Bill Inmon in 1992
  • believe in Function Point Analysis (1992), Software Reusability and Enterprise Web Technology
  • and so it was for the Client / Server, Business Process Re-engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Web, Agile, Security, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Big Data, Cloud Computing, User Experience, Artificial Intelligence and many other important issues.

Cooperation with Information Technology world-class gurus

After identifying the topics to be discussed, we have always sought the maximum know-how on the international market to be able to deal with them. Our motto has always been: “Go to the source”, and this research has brought us together over the years with key figures in the history of Information Technology.

We have cooperated with:

  • Edgar Codd, the person who invented the relational model
  • Peter Chen, the person who invented the Entity-Relationship Model
  • James Martin, considered the IT ‘guru’
  • Moshe Zloof, the person who invented the QBE (Query-by-Example)
  • Bill Inmon, ‘father’ of Data Warehouse
  • Ed Yourdon, considered one of the 10 most influential persons in the software area
  • Ralph Kimball, one of the most renowned world experts of Data Warehouse
  • Ivar Jacobson, one of the three ‘amigos’ who invented UML
  • Capers Jones, one of the leading world experts of software metrics
  • Larry Costantine, the ‘father’ of the structured design
  • Thomas Mc Cabe, the ‘father’ of the software complexity
  • Chris Date, the most renowed world expert in database
  • Tom De Marco, one of the most renowned world experts of Project Management
  • Martin Fowler, author of ‘UML Distilled’
  • John McQuillan, one of the most renowned world experts networking
  • Carma McClure, one of the most renowned world experts of Reusability
  • Bill Curtis, one of the most renowned world experts of “Capability Maturity Model”
  • John Zachman, the originator of the “Framework for Enterprise Architecture”

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