Ken North

He is a consultant, software developer, author, speaker, industry analyst, and company founder. He teaches Expert Series seminars and his classes have been recommended by Microsoft and Sun. Mr. North is the publisher of, and He was Contributing Editor for Internet Computing and Dr. Dobb’s Journal. Ken wrote: the “Database Developer” column for Web Techniques and Dr. Dobb’s Sourcebook and was XML and Web Services Editor for Dr. Dobbs Journal. He was the conference chair for XML DevCon Spring 2000, XML DevCon Fall 2000, XML DevCon Europe 2001, XML DevCon Spring 2001 and NEXTWARE Spring 2002. Ken wrote: “Database Magic” with Ken North (Prentice Hall) and “Windows Multi-DBMS Programming” (John Wiley & Sons). He developed APIBench, the SQL API benchmarking suite and contributed to Dr.” Dobb’s Database Development: Tools and Techniques” (R&D Books). He was a technical reviewer for “JDBC Database Access with Java” (Addison-Wesley) and “JDBC API Tutorial and Reference:Second Edition” (Addison-Wesley). Ken’s articles have appeared in Intelligent Enterprise, SQL Server, DB2, XML, XML-Journal, Web Techniques, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, The Data Administration Newsletter, SearchDatabase, Java Pro, Software Development, DBMS, Byte, PC Week, Windows NT, Network Computing, Windows NT Systems, Windows Tech Journal, and other computer publications. Prior to founding Resource Group, Inc. in 1981, Mr. North held management and software engineering positions with TRW and Computer Sciences Corporation.Mr. North has taught classes for corporate clients and spoken at SDSIC Web Services 2004, Enterprise Data Forum 2003, XML DevCon (2000-2001), Oracle Open World, XML and Web Services Connections (2000-2002), XML and Web Services One (London, Austin, Silicon Valley), WebIT 2000, Enterprise Portals and eBusiness, Software Development (1995-2004), Web Development, Giga Middleware Choices II, Enterprise Application Integration ’99, SIGS Java Developer Conferences (London, Silicon Valley), Technology Transfer, Srl (Italy), CIPS 97 (Canada), Database and Client-Server World (Boston, Chicago,Toronto), DB Expo (San Francisco, New York), Java Internet Business Expo, UNIXExpo, Database World (UK), Net Database Summit, NT Database Summit, Object-Relational Summit, INTERSOLV Developer Summit, World Raima User Conference, and other events.