The Generative AI with LangChain


This is a comprehensive course that explores LangChain, an open-source framework for building applications using Large Language Models (LLMs).

LangChain offers a unique blend of tools and abstractions that enhance the customization, accuracy, and relevancy of responses generated by applications powered language models.

This framework enables the development of Chatbots, content generation systems, summarizers, and more.

By attending this seminar, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how LangChain streamlines the development of data-responsive applications, making integrating LLMs with internal data sources and performing Prompt Engineering more efficient and effective.

What you will learn

Participants will explore the various components and functionalities of LangChain, including:

  • Model Interaction: Learn how LangChain interacts with Cloud and local language model
  • Indices, Data Connections, and Retrievals: Understand how data can be transformed, stored, and retrieved through queries within LangChain
  • Chains: Gain insights into the fundamental principle of chains in LangChain, which involves linking multiple LLMs and components to provide context-aware responses
  • Agents: Discover how agents in LangChain orchestrate complex commands to solve problems and decide the best actions to take in response to specific requests
  • Memory Modules: Learn about integrating short-term and long-term memory in language models, enhancing their interaction context
  • Prompt Engineering: Acquire skills in designing and executing Prompts to increase the likelihood of receiving well-written and accurate responses from language models
  • Application Development: Understand the process of defining, building, customizing, and fine-tuning applications powered by language models within LangChain

Main Topics

  • Introduction to LangChain
  • Key Features of LangChain
  • Use Cases for LangChain
  • LangChain’s Limitations
  • Building Applications with LangChain
  • Advanced Concepts and Practical Implementation






04 - 05 Jun 2024

Timing: from 2 pm to 6 pm Italian time


Online event
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