Incorporating Big Data, Hadoop and NoSQL in DW and BI System


Big Data, Hadoop, in-memory analytics, Spark, Kafka, self-service BI, Data Warehouse automation, analytical database servers, data virtualization, data vault, operational intelligence, predictive analytics, and NoSQL are just a few of the new technologies and techniques that have become available for developing BI systems.

Most of them are very powerful and allow for development of more flexible and scalable BI systems. But which ones do you pick? Due to this waterfall of new developments, it’s becoming harder and harder for organizations to select the right tools. Which technologies are relevant? Are they mature? What are their use cases? These are all valid but difficult to answer questions.

This seminar gives a clear, extensive, and critical overview of all the new developments and their inter-relationships. Technologies and techniques are explained, market overviews are presented, strengths and weaknesses are discussed, and guidelines and best practices are given.

The biggest revolution in BI is evidently Big Data. Therefore, considerable time in the seminar is reserved for this intriguing topic. Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce, Kafka, Hive, NoSQL, SQL-on-Hadoop are all explained. In addition, the relation with analytics is discussed extensively.

This seminar gives you a unique opportunity to see and learn about all the new BI developments. It’s the perfect update for those interested in knowing how to make BI systems ready for the coming ten years.

What you will learn

  • Learn about the trends and the technological developments related to Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Big Data
  • Discover the value of Big Data and Analytics for organizations
  • Learn which products and technologies are winners and which ones are losers
  • Learn how new and existing technologies, such as Hadoop, NoSQL and NewSQL, will help you create new opportunities in your organization
  • Learn how more Agile Data Business Intelligence systems can be designed
  • Learn how to incorporate big data and analytics in existing business intelligence architectures

Main Topics

  • The Changing World of Business Intelligence
  • Hadoop explained
  • Spark explained
  • NoSQL explained
  • Overview of Analytical SQL Database Servers
  • Technologies for Fast Data and Streaming Analytics
  • Data Virtualization for Agile BI systems and Lean Integration
  • New Business Intelligence Architectures
  • NewSQL databaseservers
  • Data modeling for Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL




20 - 21 Nov 2023


Online event
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