Gerhard Bayer

He is a Senior Consultant with International Systems Group (ISG). He has more than 25 years of industry experience, working for software vendors in a number of different positions as well as for consulting firms. He is currently focusing on large-scale application development and integration projects as Enterprise architect, mentor and teacher of IT seminars, planning consultant and program manager. One of his main interests and expertise is the intersection of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with the entire stack of Cloud Computing and integration approaches. Mr. Bayer’s industry experience includes Fortune 500 companies in finance, insurance, government, and other industry segments. In one of his most recent projects he has assisted the asset management department of a client with the definition and implementation of a layered services model that followed Best Practices for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that provides a consistent technical framework to achieve a reduction in application portfolio complexity, a higher degree of reuse of Enterprise services, separation of Business Process Management from traditional programming, and increased agility to support new Business relationships. Mr. Bayer holds a MS degree in Physics and a BS degree in Computer Science.


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Apr 20 – Apr 22 2020: Mastering the requirement Process