How to Revamp your BI and Analytics for AI-based Digital Business


Artificial intelligence (AI) is, without doubt, the most hyped technological development of the past few years and shows every sign of remaining so for the coming decade. It will create business opportunities worth billions. It will solve every problem, from ill-targeted advertising to world hunger. Really?

With such unrealistic expectations, it is vital to understand what AI can truly deliver and what it cannot, where it can help and where it can hinder. In particular, as business Decision Making is transformed by an explosion of digital data, you must know which business processes AI will improve and which it may break, what is ethical or not, and even what could disrupt society’s economic basis.

This seminar by Dr. Barry Devlin provides a high-level foundation for discovering and planning how your business and IT environments can adopt and adapt to AI.

What you will learn

  • What is AI? A brief history and explanation of its evolution, key concepts, and terminology
  • Understanding how IoT and social media enable AI as the new driver of business value
  • An evolutionary architecture spanning from traditional BI to AI and beyond
  • Approaches to applying AI to Decision Making – augmentation vs. automation
  • Implications of AI, social media, and IoT for the IT department
  • New technology solutions needed to build out business applications on AI and IoT, including embedded BI and edge analytics
  • Evolving from today’s BI and analytics to future AI-based solutions
  • Ethical, economic, and social considerations for your business and beyond

Main Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence – History and Foundations
  • Decision Making for Social Media and IoT
  • Applying AI to Decision Making
  • Building the Digital Future with AI – Key Considerations




09 Jun 2021


Online event
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