Data Visualisation

Effective Visual Communication of Data

Online Live Streaming Course

This two-day training workshop aims to provide delegates with an accessible and comprehensive understanding about the craft of data visualisation.

Andy Kirk


The course is addressed to all those professionals who need to discover a fresh approach to communicating data through visual representation and presentation and improve their business activities. No other technical or skill-based prerequisite (except from curiosity!).


The course will be a live-streaming online. The content is delivered through an energetic blend of teaching, discussion, and practice. The exercise and workshop activities are designed to reinforce the learning acquired at each stage.


We are all consumers of data visualisations in our daily lives, via media and through the workplace, whether we realise or not, so improving the sophistication of how one reads, interprets and evaluates the effectiveness of such displays is a key literacy.

What you will learn

  • To challenge your existing thinking about creating and consuming visualisation works
  • Enlighten you with an appreciation of the wide range of visual design options
  • To equip you with the knowledge and practical experience of employing an efficient design process that heightens your confidence in making astute choices
  • To inspire you to have the confidence to broaden your creative ambitions
Andy Kirk

ANDY KIRK - The speaker

author of Visualising Data: A Handbook for Data Driven Design, one of the “six best books for data geeks”, according to the Financial Times.

He’s a data visualisation specialist: a design consultant, training provi- der, lecturer, author, speaker, researcher, and editor of the award-winning website

Recent clients include Spotify, Telefónica, Google, the EU Council, and CERN, Arsenal FC.

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - The organizaiton

Technology Transfer is an Italian company created in 1986 that operates in the field of advanced training of ICT professionals. The motto of the company has been and remains “Invest in Know-how” and with its trai- ning proposals it has contributed to the IT cultural growth of the Italian and European computer community.

In these 30 years, it has hosted conferences held by Information Technology world-class gurus as James Martin, Bill Inmon, Edward Your- don and many others.

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