Tushar Hazra

He has founded EpitomiOne in December 2000.  Dr. Hazra is an entrepreneur, educator, mentor, technical leader, and a recognized speaker in the IT community. Tushar has 19+ years of practical experience in developing and integrating Service-Oriented Enterprise, and mission critical component-based systems in collaborative environments for insurance, healthcare, retail, banking, telecom and aerospace industries. As the CTO of EpitomiOne, he helps Business and IT leaders in incorporating their strategic visions for commercial and government agency clients in employing commercial and government standards, best practices, and mandates. Dr. Hazra is a hands-on practitioner, who gets involved from building strategies to developing Enterprise application architectures to guiding and deploying MDA-based application integration initiatives.  He has also served as CTO and VP of several international companies during the past 12 years.  His professional career includes serving as VP/CTO of Lockheed Martin Information Technology, MetLife, and Software Productivity Consortium. Currently, Tushar helps Fortune 50 clients in building IT sourcing strategies, charting iterative and incremental Enterprise-level sourcing initiative road maps, building collaborative environments and interaction models for offshore projects in India, and deploying portals and Web Services based Enterprise architectures.