Shaku Atre

She is an Exceptional Speaker, has the reputation of capturing the attention of audiences and maintaining their interest while guiding her listeners painlessly through sophisticated material. Ms. Atre is President of Atre Group Inc. and of a leading consulting, training and publishing company, specializing in Business Intelligence. Before heading her present company, Ms. Atre was a Partner with Price Waterhouse Coopers. She also has fourteen years of experience in various fields with IBM.
Ms. Atre is an acknowledged expert in the Data Warehousing and database field. She has extensive practical experience in database projects, has helped a number of clients in establishing successful Data Warehouses, Client/Server installations, and has taught at IBM’s prestigious Systems Research Institute. She has lectured on the subject to professional organizations in the USA, Canada as well as in Europe, Asia and South America. Ms. Atre is frequently quoted in ComputerworldInformation WeekInformation ManagementTech Web, and other influential computer trade publications.
She has written an award- winning outstanding book on database Management systems that has become a classic on the subject: “Database: Structured Techniques for Design, Performance and Management”, published by John Wiley and Sons, New York. The book has sold over 250,000 copies (not including its Spanish and Russian translations) and has been selected by several book clubs and leading universities including Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, MIT, New York University, Stanford and U.C. Berkeley. Her book, “Information Center: Strategies and Case Studies“, published by Atre International Consultants Inc., is also very well received by the industry. “Database Management Systems” is another successful book authored by Shaku Atre. Her fourth book, “Distributed Databases, Cooperative Processing & Networking“, was published by McGraw-Hill. She has also authored a very well received book: “Atre’s Roadmap for Data Warehouse/Data mart Implementations” published by Gartner Group. She is co-author of her latest BI book on “Business Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications” published by Addison Wesley.