Rob Thomsett

He joined computing in 1968 and has been consulting and educating in the area of Project Management, teams and quality since 1974. In 1981, he was contracted by YOURDON Inc. in New York to present seminars in the U.S. and U.K. based on his book “People and Project Management

Mr. Thomsett is also a member of the Editorial Board of the prestigious Cutter Journal with Ed Yourdon, Tom DeMarco, Bill Curtis, Capers Jones, Kent Beck and other leading U.S. information system experts. His second book is “Third Wave Project Management” In 1994, he developed the Accreditation Programme for Project Management for the Australian Computer Society. He was honored as the Australian Computer Society Lecturer of the Year in 1989/90. In 2001, he was recognized for his outstanding effort in education of Business professionals by his peers and was elected a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

He is also on the Industry Advisory Board of the I.E.E.E. and the Strategic Advisory Panel for the University of Sydney’s Graduate Project Management Program with experts such as Sandy Hollway, Sydney Olympics and Peter Scott, CEO, MLC. His latest book “Radical Project Management” .