Joyce Norris Montanari

Joyce Norris-Montanari is a Senior Vice President for Intelligent Solutions Inc.Her major strengths are in working with multiple vendors on numerous platforms and advising clients on tool selection through evaluations and analysis, especially on ETL and Meta Data products.Besides her international consulting work, Ms. Norris Montanari speaks frequently at Data Warehouse conferences, is an instructor for public seminars, is a contributor to several trade publications and co-authored “Data Warehousing and e-Business“, published by John Wiley & Sons, with W. H. Inmon, Dan Meers and R. H. Terdeman.As a consultant Ms. Norris-Montanari has performed a variety of Data Warehousing activities. She has managed multiple Data Warehouse and operational data store projects, as well as participated in the design, development, implementation and assessment of operational data stores, Data Warehouses and Data Marts.