Jeff Tash

Jeff Tash is president of Flashmap Systems, Inc. Mr. Tash specializes in emerging information technologies. He is frequently featured as a keynote speaker at numerous industry events, and has been a regular columnist for PlanetIT, an e-zine for IT professionals.Mr. Tash’s expertise spans client/server computing, component-based object-oriented software development, and web application development and deployment.An internationally recognized authority on Middleware┬« (i.e., software that connects clients to servers), (Middleware┬« is registered trademark of and used with permission of Intersolve Corporation.) Aboveware” (i.e., software that runs on top of middleware), and Webware (i.e., software that runs over Internet protocols), Mr. Tash is the creator and author of the popular Client/Server Road Map Series published in Computerworld.Since 1983, Mr. Tash has lectured to thousands of information technology professionals throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and the Far East.. One of Jeff’s unique strengths is his talent for being able to explain technical subject material to technical and non-technical audiences in an easy-to-understand and entertaining manner.Mr. Tash is frequently featured as a keynote speaker at numerous industry events.Mr. Tash has over 25 years experience in the computer industry, having been President of Hewitt Technologies, a division of Hewitt Associates, and previously employed by Digital, IBM, Arthur Young & Company, and Control Data.