How to Revamp your Data Warehouse and Lake for Digital Business

Online Live Streaming Course

In this seminar, Dr. Barry Devlin shows how a modern architectural founda- tion, based on his book “Business unintelligence,” can transform and extend your existing systems to support a fully functioning Digital Business.

Barry Devlin


Enterprise, systems, solutions and Data Warehouse architects Systems

Strategy and Business Intelligence managers

Data Warehouse, Data Lake and IT systems designers and developers

Data and database administrators, Tech-savvy business analysts.


The seminar will be a live-streaming online.

The content is delivered through an energetic blend of teaching and discussion.

All didactic material will be provided.

Main Topics


Digital Business – History and Emergence

The why and how of a new architecture

The Information Resource – the Foundation for Digital Busines

The Processes – Getting from Data to Decisions to Actions

The People – Understanding Needs and Engaging Innovation Planning and implementation

What you will learn

  • How you can reuse and rework your Data Warehouse or lake for Digital Business
  • Business drivers, technical rationale, structure and components of new conceptual and logical architectures

  • Positioning and using algorithms, analytics and AI in support of Decision Making
  • Practical planning and implementation steps from Data Warehouse/Lake to a Digital Business
  • …& much more!
Barry Devlin

BARRY DEVLIN - The speaker

One of the founders of Data Warehousing.
He published the first architectural paper in 1988

He is Founder and Principal, 9sight Consulting. He is among the foremost authorities on Business Insight and he published the first architectural paper of Data Warehousing in 1988. With almost 40 years of IT experience, including 20 years with IBM as a Distinguished Engineer, he is a widely respected industry analyst, consultant, speaker and author of the seminal book, Data Warehouse-from Architecture to Implementation.

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - The organizaiton

Technology Transfer is an Italian company created in 1986 that operates in the field of advanced training of ICT professionals. The motto of the company has been and remains “Invest in Know-how” and with its trai- ning proposals it has contributed to the IT cultural growth of the Italian and European computer community. In these 30 years, it has hosted conferences held by Information Technology world-class gurus as James Martin, Bill Inmon, Edward Your- don and many others.

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