Hamid Benbrahim

Hamid Benbrahim

Hamid Benbrahim is Head of Data and AI at Thomas, the primary source for industrial sourcing the US and Canada. He is leading the transformation of Thomas Publishing into a data business, developing new financial indexes and alternative data products for the financial industry, streamlining data operations, and deploying AI and analytics capabilities for sales, marketing, and operations.

His experience in the financial industry spans over a decade advancing investment management and systemic risk strategy with big data, machine learning, and systems thinking. He held senior leadership roles at Natural Numerix, as CEO, TD Ameritrade as Chief Data Scientist, and Fidelity as head of Applied Complexity Research leading business areas in systemic risk and data driven strategy. Earlier in his career Hamid assumed a number of business operations and technology leadership roles in Telecom at Verizon in the US and Internationally.

He holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, and a PhD in Engineering and Machine Learning from the University of New Hampshire. He holds a patent on dynamic call routing and filed 9 patents in financial services and communications.

Dr Benbrahim is a frequent speaker on a number of complex topics including financial risk, market dynamics, and AI.

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