Introduction to Generative AI for Java Developers


This seminar is designed to empower Java engineers with the basic knowledge and skills needed to harness the capabilities of generative AI tools for various aspects of the production software process.

We’ll explore the impact of Machine Learning on the Java ecosystem, to hands-on coding using tools like ChatGPT and other APIs. With a focus on practical applications, participants will gain proficiency in leveraging GenAI, an understanding of embeddings, and how to responsibly integrate GenAI into Java applications.

What you will learn

  • Foundations of Generative AI in Java, exploring the basics and relevance in development
  • Pattern recognition and its implications in real-world datasets
  • Exposure to key generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, Bard/PaLM, Cohere, Anthropic, Midjourney, etc.
  • Understanding the impact of generative AI on Java applications
  • Techniques for effective communication with generative AI, emphasizing the importance of well-crafted prompts
  • An overview of OpenAI APIs in Java with demonstrations
  • Foundation Models vs Fine-Tuning vs Instruction Tuning
  • How to Craft a private Chatbot architecture in Java
  • Concerns and the risks associated with Generative AI
  • Insights into future trends in generative AI for Java developers, concluding with a recap of key learnings and additional resources for further exploration

Main Topics

Foundations of Generative AI in Java

  • Overview of Generative AI and ML
  • Recognizing Patterns
  • Generative AI Tools for Java Developers
  • Prompt Engineering

Practical Implementation and Applications

  • OpenAI APIs
  • Implementing ChatGPT in Java Applications
  • Getting LLMs to Recognize Your Data
  • Crafting a Private Chatbot Architecture in Java




29 - 30 Oct 2024

Timing: from 2 pm to 6 pm Italian time


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Partecipation fee - 800€
Available Places: 100
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Available Places: 100
The "Registration 30 days before the seminar date: 5% discount - €760" ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
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