Data Teams and Big Data

A Manager’s Guide


We conduct a workshop with the managers and executives to talk about Big Data solutions. This workshop considers the technology at a high level. It focuses on the application of technology your business problems. The workshop teaches your team the value of data and how to make money with it.
Our workshop helps you to reevaluate previously impossible boundaries and think of new streams of revenue made possible by Hadoop and Spark.

We cover what the three required data teams should look like. These data teams are the Data Science, Data Engineering, and Operations Teams. We cover the descriptions, the personnel, and the differences between them.

What you will learn

  • What exists in the Big Data ecosystem so you can use the right tool for the right job
  • An understanding of how HDFS works and how to interact with it
  • An understanding of how MapReduce works and how each phase works
  • Learn how to run successful Big Data projects
  • See the step by step and iterative methods the speaker teaches Fortune 100 companies to use in their Big Data
  • Projects
  • Learn how to use data to become more profitable, productive, and preeminent
  • Learn about teams themselves and understand the best practices for Data Teams

Main Topics

  • Managing Enterprise Data Strategies
  • Thinking in Big Data
  • Engineering Big Data Solutions
  • Data Teams




10 May 2023


Online event
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