Data Stewardship

The foundation of successful Data Governance


Within any Data Governance programme, Data Stewardship is the key activity that delivers improved data, and so only effective Data Stewardship can realise the promised business benefits that Data Governance promises. Without active and effective Data Stewardship, Data Governance initiatives invariably fail to deliver business improvement and so quickly lose support and sponsorship.

Data Stewards are the foundation stone of any successful Data Governance initiative, and their success or failure can determine the fate of Data Governance in an organisation. 

This full day seminar will outline the main principles and practices of Data Stewardship.

What you will learn

This seminar will teach you how to design and implement successful Data Stewardship in your organisation. It is based on the personal and practical experience of the seminar leader in helping many organisations design and deliver successful Data Governance and Data Stewardship programmes and projects. It will therefore include many best practice tips and suggestions to help you implement Data Stewardship successfully in your organisation. 

Main Topics

  • Definition of Data Stewardship
  • Its critical importance in successful Data Governance
  • The key roles and functions of Data Stewards
  • The relationship between Data Stewardship, Data Ownership and other key Data Governance roles
  • The necessary skills, expertise and capabilities of successful Data Stewards
  • How Data Stewards can make a real difference in improving data through a simple four step approach
  • The importance of Data Stewards creating and participating in a wider Data Stewardship community
  • Current and future trends in Data Stewardship and how new approaches and technologies are impacting the role of Data Stewards
  • How to apply Data Stewardship through practical exercises included in the seminar
Nigel Turner




02 Dec 2024

Timing: from 9.30 am to 5 pm Italian time


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Available Places: 100
The "Registration 30 days before the seminar date: 5% discount - 624€" ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
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