Business Architecture

Collecting, Connecting and Correcting the Dots


The need for Business Architecture competency is growing beyond the traditional interest of IT practitioners to include communities of professionals and managers with a broad set of concerns, critical to the business’ strategy, design and operations. Nowadays, many more people need to know how to influence and lead business performance enhancement, business agility, market focus and customer experience to name just a few. The challenges of fast change, crushing external realities, out-dated business operations and sustainment of the business for continuing relevance are relentless and old ways of planning, prioritization, design and delivering value may be no longer relevant. That’s where Business Architecture comes in.

Quick and effective business change means that those conducting Business Architecture work must incorporate a number of perspectives of the business and also be confident about the interconnections among them. For the business model to be agile, we must be able to identify what’s impacted and design with deliberate integrity to avoid unintended consequences. To be clear, this is about more than ‘Agile’ software development, which by itself, will not make the business more flexible. There is immense complexity in issues other than software. A sound Business Architecture will prove invaluable in sorting things out. A solid Business Architecture will avoid redundancy, maximize the sharing of capabilities, and make best use of scarce resources. With a sound architectural foundation, business-wide transformation, digitalization, and continuous optimization can be accomplished and change efforts can progress smoothly with few surprises.

A major architectural requirement is to be able to adapt the business operating model quickly and easily. Business Architects must capture and provide access to the relevant business knowledge to be able to confidently re-configure how work gets done so that value gets created for our external stakeholders. Clarity on business strategy, business capabilities, end to end value streams and business processes, the information being created and consumed, business decisions, technology resources, and human competencies is essential to make required changes without unnecessary risk in the change itself. Business Architects have to be knowledgeable on how all these domains work together to best serve the support of our value streams to deliver stakeholder value.

This highly participative class will delve into the aspects of Business Architecture, as defined by the Business Architecture Guild’s BIZBOK along with other new methods, leaving the participant with the skills required to make Business Architecture disciplined, repeatable and yet practical.

What you will learn

  • Understand what a straight forward and useful Business Architecture looks like
  • Learn how to implement the key concepts and practices of the BIZBOK
  • Understand what the business produces and how it delivers value for its customers and other stakeholders (Business Model)
  • Define how the business can be cross-functionally organized and how it can operate in the context of broader business ecosystems (Operating Model)
  • Align what investments in resources and capabilities the business should make (Pain-Gain Resources Model)
  • Learn to build information, capability and process architecture models and interconnect them through a balanced business performance scorecard
  • Be able to use the architecture to accelerate change projects and leverage breakthrough digital technologies

Main Topics

  • This is a pragmatic working class with a case study and team workshops to practice the techniques
  • Be able to socialize architectural concepts upward and reduce internal resistance to change
  • Learn a method that scales for both small and large organizations
  • Built on BIZBOK principles and acknowledged Business Architecture Best Practices
  • Work with Roger Burlton; the most experienced pragmatist in this field




29 May 2023 - 01 Jun 2023

Timing: from 2 pm to 6 pm Italian time


Online event
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