AI-Assisted Active Data Governance


For most companies today, Data Governance is now very high priority not just to remain compliant with legal and regulatory obligations but also to create a high quality, secure data foundation of reusable data products to underpin data and AI initiatives that are now happening across almost every department in the enterprise. With data and AI now strategic in the boardroom, Data Governance has become so important that companies classified as ‘leaders’ now regard it as a strength that gives them commercial advantage and not just an initiative that enables them to remain compliant with legislation like GDPR.

However, as more data is created and new data sources continue to appear, the challenge of manually understanding all data relationships and manually governing data is becoming incredibly difficult and bordering on almost impossible.

Given this increasingly difficult challenge, companies are looking for a more automated way to deal with Data Governance. To do this requires taking Data Governance to a new level by introducing active, AI-driven Data Governance.

This half-day class looks at how you can implement AI-driven active Data Governance by breaking the Data Governance problem down into a series of steps that need to be implemented and looks how to take advantage of emerging AI-driven Data Governance platforms to implement this.

The class will cover:

  • Data Governance disciplines including data quality, data privacy, data access security, data sharing, data retention, and data usage
  • Current problems with Data Governance today
  • Requirements to dramatically improve Data Governance using AI and automation
  • The need for an integrated Data Governance platform, augmentation and AI-automation
  • Establishing Data Governance health metrics to measure effectiveness of your governance program
  • Understanding the core AI-assisted Data Governance services you need
  • Creating a Data Governance Action Framework for your enterprise
  • Data Governance observability – monitoring the health of your data
  • AI-Assisted Data Governance action automation
  • Implementing AI-assisted governance of different Data Governance disciplines
Mike Ferguson




13 Dec 2024

Timing: from 2 pm to 6 pm Italian time


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The "Registration 30 days before the seminar date: 5% discount - € 380,00" ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
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