Understanding Enterprise Architecture


Multiple forces have combined to create a renewed emphasis in Enterprise Architecture (EA). First, organizations are more dependent on technology, which continues to expand in importance and complexity. This is compounded by the drive for digital transformation and the need for improved consistent customer experience and operational efficiency. Finally, the recent experience with COVID-19 has shown that organizations with a good architectural foundation were much more successful at making the tough decisions and quick changes to business and operating model that the pandemic demanded. But, while organizations now understand that they need EA, most don’t understand what it actually is, know what it looks like, know how to create it, and most importantly, know how to use it to deliver value and influence decisions.

This seminar answers those questions for anyone new to EA and introduces a set of skills and techniques for delivering architectural value. We start with an overview of Architecture, the motivations and the value proposition. Then we explore the question “What is Architecture” to get a general understanding of the underlying principles. Next, we go through an extensive example of an Enterprise Architecture illustrating the requirements, scope, concerns and artifacts from the Business, Information, Application, and Technology domains as well as governance, portfolio management, repositories, and the Architecture program itself. With a good understanding of what Architecture looks like, we cover some of the important architectural skills, principles and thinking, and an overview of the major architectural frameworks.

However, this is not a course on EA frameworks. Instead, it focuses on an overall understanding of the breadth and depth of Enterprise Architecture and the underlying skills and principles that you need to be an Architecture or manage an Architecture program. The seminar is a combination of lecture, discussion, and group exercises and will leave you with a good overview, new insight, and some techniques that you can apply as soon as you get back to the office.

What you will learn

  • Why your organization needs Architecture. The Architecture value proposition
  • An overview of the principles, practices and structure of Enterprise Architecture
  • The concepts, models and vocabularies of different architectural roles and domains
  • Issues and techniques of business, information, application and technology Architecture
  • Architectural principles and skills that can immediately be applied to your current role
  • How to organize Architecture programs to deliver value

Main Topics

  • What is Enterprise Architecture?
  • EA Case Study
  • Key architectural domains – Business, Information, Application, Technology
  • New architectural domains – Performance, Service, Security
  • Architecture disciplines and practices – Principles, Methods, BizOps, Tools, Frameworks
  • Artifacts and deliverables – Standards, Reference Architectures, Models, Roadmaps
  • Organization – EA Programs, Teams, Governance

Mike Rosen




13 Dec 2021 - 16 Dec 2021

Timing: from 2 pm to 6 pm Italian time


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