Practical Data Governance, Stewardship & Compliance with CDMP Certification


This 2-day course will provide a solid foundation in the topic of Data Stewardship & Governance by describing its purpose, outcome, the typical organization structures required and the key business drivers for Data Governance. 

It will highlight the Data Stewardshipt and Governance implications of various regulatory acts with a focus on GDPR and illustrate how organisations can prepare for compliance.

Additionally, the practical roles responsibilities and activities involved in establishing successful Data Governance together with example Data Governance metrics for measuring progress of a Data Governance initiative will be highlighted.  Importantly it will show how Data Asset Management and Governance can be implemented in bite sized chunks vs being introduced in a top-down “big bang” manner.

The vital relationship between Data Governance and other core disciplines of Master Data Management, Data Modelling, Metadata Management & Data Quality management will be highlighted.

This course addresses all the core Data Asset Management and Governance considerations and introduces the other associated Information Management disciplines.  Taught by an industry recognized DAMA DMBoK(2.0) author, CDMP(Fellow) and recipient of the DAMA Lifetime Achievement Award,  this course provides a solid foundation for anyone interested in Data Governance.

What you will learn

  • Learn about the need for and the application of Data Models
  • See the areas where Data Modeling adds value to Data Management activities
  • Understand the critical role of Data Models in Master Data Management and Data Governance
  • Understand the difference between Enterprise, Conceptual, Logical, Physical and Dimensional Data Models
  • Learn the Best Practices for developing Data Models that can be read by humans
  • Through practical examples, learn how to apply different techniques in Data
  • Modelling

CDMP Specialist Exam Preparation

  • Understand the synopsis and sections in the CDMP Data Modeling specialist exam
  • Throughout the course practice by taking sample examination questions in each section
  • Following the end of the course, sit the live CDMP specialist examination

More Topics

  • Data Modeling basics
  • Data Model components
  • Creating Data Models
  • Using Data Models
  • Dimensional Data Models the basics
  • Improving your Data Models

Christopher Bradley




16 Jun 2022 - 17 Jun 2022


Online event

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With Certification - €1400
Available Places: 100
The With Certification - €1400 ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
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Available Places: 100
The Registration 30 days before the seminar date: 5% discount - €1345 ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
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