Dario Forte

Dario Forte

Dario Forte, CFE, CISM, is Security Advisor for the newly-formed European Electronic Crimes Task Force (EECTF) supported by the U.S. Secret Service in Milan.

He has been active in the field of information security since 1992. He is 34 years old, with almost 15 years as Police Investigator in the Drug and Organized Crime Enforcement, CyberCrime Unit.

Mr. Forte is a Member of the Computer Security Institute of San Francisco/USENIX and Sage, publishing technical articles all over the world while contributing at numerous international conferences on Information Warfare, including the RSA Conference Europe, the Computer Security Institute NETSEC, Computer Associates CAWorld and the Digital Forensic Research Workshop.

He teaches classes and presents lectures on Information Security Management and Incident Response/Forensics at universities and other accredited institutions worldwide. He is an Intrusion Instructor for the Department of Homeland Security Internet Forensics Training Program given at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

For more than 10 years, Mr. Forte has worked with many government agencies worldwide including NASA, and the U.S. Army/Navy, supporting them in incident response and forensics procedures while solving many important hacking-related investigations.

Now he provides security/incident response and forensics consulting to the Government, Law Enforcement and corporate world and is also involved with InfoSec projects at the international level.