Clive Finkelstein

Clive Finkelstein, acknowledged worldwide as the “Father” of Information Engineering, is Managing Director of Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd in Australia.
He is the Chief Scientist of Visible Systems Corporation in the USA and is Managing Director of Visible Systems Australia Pty Ltd. He is a member of the International Advisory Board of DAMA International and has over 39 years’ experience in the Computer Industry.
He has written many books, including “An Introduction to Information Engineering“, Addison-Wesley (1989) and “Information Engineering: Strategic Systems Development“, Addison-Wesley (1992).
These books draw directly on the knowledge of business experts and IT staff, so enabling organizations to gain competitive advantage using Information Engineering and Enterprise Engineering to move to Data Warehouse and Internet / Intranet / Extranet technologies.
This course is based on his latest book: “Building Corporate Portals with XML“, co-authored with Peter Aiken, McGraw-Hill (Sep 1999) and has been presented throughout the USA and UK.
His current focus is to help organizations move to Corporate Portals (also called Enterprise Portals) with Extensible Markup Language (XML). These provide a central gateway to information and knowledge resources of an enterprise on its corporate Intranet and via the Internet.
They also require XML for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), to achieve B2B e-Business integration. Enterprise Portal, XML, EAI and related technologies and products will rapidly become available over the next 2 – 5 years. Enterprise Portals will be the central computing focus and interface for most enterprises in the 21st Century.
Clive also writes a monthly column, “The Enterprise” for DM Review magazine in the USA and also publishes a free, quarterly technology newsletter via email: “The Enterprise Newsletter (TEN)”.