Arie van Bennekum

Agile is not new. Agile is not a trend. Agile is established. We already celebrated that the Agile Manifesto has been written more than 10 years ago. Mr. van Bennekum is co-author of the Manifesto and still very active in the area of Agile Solution Development. He still does it for the same reason as when he started doing it 20 years ago. His definition of Agile is “Serving the business by being adaptive”. To be able to do this he works with his teams based on a non controlled style since 1994. His believe and practical experience is to converge to the matching solution with a team of skilled professionals. Mr. van Bennekum is a pragmatic who embeds his pragmatism in structure, discipline and common sense. This eventually led to being one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto and expert in the area of Agile Project Management, team facilitation and user involvement. Believe in his team, facilitating them to reach for their best combined with end user involvement has his focus when he speaks, presents, demonstrates and lectures about Agile, as chair of the Agile Consortium International and presents at conferences.